Q: How do I register and where do I go?
A: McKnight Soccer has online registration that will allow the parents to register their children online starting February 1st. For first time registrants, the online registration will be easier (online payment) and also allows the volunteer selection to be chosen from a list of existing positions.
Q: Why should I volunteer to coach or assistant coach?
A: Coaching is a vital volunteer position for McKnight Soccer. Without parents volunteering for coaching positions, we would not be able to provide this fun and healthy recreational sport for the children.
We recognize and thank the volunteer coaches and assistant coaches by hosting a coaches appreciation dinner during the season.  Become a coach and be part of the foundation of the sport for your children to enjoy!
Q: I have never coached soccer before, what are the resources to support me before and throughout the season?
A: Before the season begins, two free coaching clinics will take place to assist the parents. The first session will be directed at the parents who have little or no experience coaching the various age groups and will teach them the fundamentals of the game with fun and simple games. The second session is intended for the parents who require more advanced techniques to assist them with more skillful players. All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged to attend one or both sessions.
In addition, throughout the season, we will have resources available online to further reinforce the coaches confidence and skills.



Q: Why can‘t my child wear soccer cleats?
A: As McKnight Soccer is intended to provide a fun and safe environment and not necessarily a competitive atmosphere, we have chosen to ensure that the safety of the children in the younger age groups is top priority as well as keeping the cost of the game affordable for all families. Cleats are only optional for the older children in the U12-U14 age group.

Q: Sometimes my child does not get to play on their friend‘s team, why is that?
A: We try to accommodate that children play on their friend‘s team however logistically we do not have the capability to accomplish this all the time. The main focus is ensuring that the teams are evenly numbered and families with multiple children are playing on the same field.



Q: What if I have more than one child playing? How will I be able to make sure that I can supervise them together?
A: McKnight Soccer has two fields for our young players from U4 to U10, North Haven and Cambrian Heights, and Highwood for the older players in U12-U14. When multiple siblings are registered from one family, we will ensure that the younger players all play on the same field for each game.



Q: Who makes the call on whether my team plays when it‘s raining?
A: The team coach is responsible for making the call on the weather. If the coach does cancel the game, either the coach or the team manager will contact the parents and the other team‘s coach. Please note that the weather in Calgary can change within the hour and coaches may elect to play regardless. If the coach does not cancel the game, it is the parent‘s responsibility to ensure that the player is dressed appropriately for the game.