Coaches & Assistant Coaches

Attend Coaching meetings.

Coach and lead your team.

Participate in Coaches Clinic if interested.

Pick-up and return equipment (when required).

Team Parents

Schedule player’s parents to provide juice for each game (if required).

Confirm parent and players information during the first week of soccer.

Phones/email parents in the event of a game cancellation.

Contact parents to remind them of picture day.

Send out tournament information and collect player RSVPs.

Send out wind-up party information and collect family RSVPs.

Picture Day Coordinator and Assistants

Coordinator required.

Assist photography staff to get team players organized for their photos on picture day.

Trophy & Photo Package Team

Coordinator required.

Help put final trophy and photo packages together prior to last day of soccer season.

Deliver packages to the Team Parents for the final games played on last day of season.

Wind-Up Party Coordinator and Committee

Coordinator required – must be present at the Wind-Up Party

Make decisions for food, beverages and entertainment and order/purchase food and supplies.

Organize volunteers to assist on the day of the party.

Wind-Up Party Assistants

Set up and clean up.

Replenish food supplies, take care of garbage.

Help supervise activities for the children.

Inventory Equipment/Ball Pumping Assistant

Assist with taking inventory of existing equipment

Assist with inflating the season’s collection of soccer balls.

Equipment Sanitizer

Responsible for sanitizing ALL soccer equipment (including balls, nets/bags, cones, flags,...) prior to the beginning OR after the end of each game night

One sanitizer position for each field (North Haven, Cambrian, Colonel Irvine) to be coordinated with Equipment Coordinator

Field Chalkers

Chalk all fields (North Haven, Cambrian and Colonel Irvine) for U4, U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14 prior to the start of season

Chalk all fields (North Haven, Cambrian and Colonel Irvine) every 2-3 weeks during season or when required (max 5 times

over season)

Coaches Dinner Prep Coordinator

Contact the volunteers for the dinner and ensure they are attending

Plan the food and shopping lists for the Coaches Dinner

Coaches Dinner Coordinator

Organize the volunteers at the dinner

Ensure taxi chits are available during dinner

Take care of any issues at the dinner

Coordinator must be in attendance for the entire dinner

Coaches Dinner Food Organizer

Car Is Required for this role

Make shopping list from recipes

Purchase all ingredients to make the dinner

Divide and deliver food to people preparing the food

Coaches Dinner Food Prep

Scheduled for early June

Prepare a lasagna dinner and/or salad from a recipe (food will be delivered)

Deliver to hall on day of Coaches Dinner

Coaches Dinner Assistants

Must be available early June


Duties include either set-up or clean-up

Heat up the food and ensure there is always a supply of food for the servers

Cleaning up in the kitchen as required


Duties include either set-up or clean-up

Ensure there is always a supply of food – participants will serve themselves from a table

Cleaning up around the food as required

Clear tables as required


Duties include either set-up or clean-up

Serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to participants (cash bar)

Note - Bartender must not drink any alcoholic drinks prior to, during, or after the Coaches Dinner evening